​​​​​​Golden Krust  Caribbean Restaurant

family dining at its best

We offer three chicken meals.

jerk chicken marinated in Jamaican jerk seasoning & slow roasted; 

stew chicken braised in a dark sauce and cooked down till tender;

curry drenched chicken on the bone

Curried Goat…goat meat marinated in curry & other Caribbean spices
Braised Oxtail…….tender braised oxtail ..a real Caribbean favorite
Fish Meal……….escovich, brown stew or fried

​                                               Our Drinks

​                                        Our Bakery​​​

Our delicious patties are savory turnovers filled with a variety of richly seasoned fillings, and baked to scrumptious perfection.

Try our meatless patties – they’re the ideal alternatives for vegetarians & health conscious customers.

Home made soups made fresh everyday.

Fresh salads and sandwiches made to order

​                                        Our Lunch Menu​​

​                                           Our Meals​​

​                                         Our pattie Menu​​ 

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